Getting aviation back to work

new rules for people visiting the UK
new rules for people visiting the UK

We all know our pilot, caterers, air hosts an baggage staff have ben hit hard during the pandemic. Now the United Kingdom has a roadmap to opening international travel again the industry is stating to recruit once more people through a brand new recruitment portal.

The sector is now is no set to benefit from Government support for training and recruitment to boost employment and skills in the industry. The Government has partnered with several leaders including the Civil Aviation Authority, AE Systems and Rolls Royce to hep get people ack to work. The new platform has over 2000 vacancies so far with more being added every day.

The scheme will also be used to address wider skills gaps in the market by supporting people who are not or have never worked in the aviation industry to give it some thought. This work is in addition to the airport and ground operations scheme approved in the Budget to help airports get back on track by supporting airfield operations, contracted services and helping with business rates bills.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said:

We’re supporting our aviation sector by launching an online jobs market to match aviation workers with 1,000s of vacancies, helping skilled workers regain high-value positions across this hugely important sector.

At the same time, we’re renewing our scheme to help airports and ground operators with their fixed costs. Grants of up to £4 million will be available, building on the success of the scheme launched in January.

The extension of government-backed loans and furlough payments announced at budget yesterday build on around £7 billion of support already pledged by government, benefiting the sector since the start of the pandemic. These measures will help ensure this vital and vibrant part of the UK economy is ready to bounce back in the wake of the pandemic.

With some luck we will all be able to enjoy a summer holiday abroad. If you were in aviation and are longing to get back into the sector be sure to check the new portal for vacancies.

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