Golden Goodbyes no longer being scrapped

Govt to no longer scrap golden goodbyes
Govt to no longer scrap golden goodbyes

When a Whitehall staff member leaves their post or a Council staff member retires, they’re often issued with a nice big golden goodbye. These leaving bonuses can amount to hundeds of thousands of pounds.

While for some a golden goodbye is welcomed after many years of service, for others, flipping from role to role just to get the huge bonus is closer to reality. Golden goodbyes can be issued even in instances where the individual was terrible at their role or really dropped some clangers before saying good bye.

That’s why the Government’s decision to impose £95k cap on goodbyes was welcomed (though some wanted the cap far smaller). Today the Treasury which sets the limits has said that these regulations should be revoked because the cap on goodbyes may have ‘unintended consequences’ (!).

We hear the unintended consequences were legal challenges from unions, concered that hard working staff ending their years of service might receive less than £100k….Nice work if you can get it!

One for holding Government (local and national) to account, the TaxPayer’s Alliance has jumped into action and launched a petition to end golden goodbyes. They think the money could be better spent, if you agree you may want sign up. While there is no doubt Labour will jump on this as Tories helping their rich mates, it’s the workers unions pulling the strings this time!

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