Govt hiring ‘Covid Cops’

Boris is hiring contractors to find those not self isolating
Boris is hiring contractors to find those not self isolating

The Government has launched a new procurement exercise for contractors to carry out visits on those who have duty to quarantine following international travel, reducing the strain on the police.

Right now everybody that travels to England after international travel needs to quarantine for 10 days at a managed hotel quarantine site (red zone countries) or at whatever location they specified on their passenger locator form. The police have been finding themselves carrying out thousands of checks a day, something which will become increasingly challenging as more flights start up again.

The contract is aimed at helping the Government double on the checks, sharing information with the police if the contractor cannot find the individual at home. Those who breach the quarantine can be fined rom £1k to £10k but the contractors themselves will not be able to impose fines.

This is in addition to the phone call check in services which are already taking place….Better watch out!

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