Green shipbuilding fund launched

net zero boat innovation wanted
net zero boat innovation wanted

We have all heard of charge points for cars but ships? Well that’s the new technology the Government hopes to roll out across our ports and coastal towns.

Today a £20m competition launched to make innovative maritime ideas a reality. The Government wants scientists, shipbuilders, inventors and academics to put forward proposals that can drive economic growth, revitalise coastal communities, create jobs and make our country a leader in green innnovation.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said:

We have a proud shipbuilding history and, together with industry, I am determined to build on that as we look to develop the innovations of the future and meet our net-zero target.

We are revolutionising maritime technology and, from electric boats to hydrogen ports, we will change the way this country sails forever, and bring jobs and prosperity to the UK.

Today’s competition launch comes as the government prepares to publish its transformational Transport Decarbonisation Plan, which sets out how all modes of transport – sea, rail, road and aviation – can make the switch to net zero.

Maritime Minister Robert Courts said:

This is a turning point for the UK’s maritime sector. It’s an opportunity for businesses to develop the technologies of the future, not only protecting our environment but driving economic growth.

I urge this country’s best thinkers to put their green ideas forward and help us deliver a better, cleaner maritime sector.

The Government is also working with the Carbon Trust on a study on how to decarbonise recreational ships and boats to help make maritime and spot on the water much cleaner. To apply for the competition you can find out more information here. Let’s help make Britain the place for clean ports, green boats and net zero practices at coastal industry.

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