Half of British adults have had their first Covid19 jab

The vaccine rollout has gone well
The vaccine rollout has gone well so far...

The Government has come under a lot of fire for not getting their Covid19 response right but one area they appear to be excelling in is getting the country vaccinated.

Today it was confirmed that half of all adults in the country have now had at least one injection if the Covid19 vaccine. The rollout, though expected to slow next month as the NHS focusses upon ensuring issuing second doses has gone remarkably well so far and the heatmaps and date on Covid19 are showing there are far fewer people needing hospital treatment in the over 50s groups.

This means the vaccine is working – while it does not stop the virus or prevent transmission, it does help to ensure people can fight it off more easily with much fewer people requiring breathing equipment, heavy drugs and physiotherapy.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said:

Vaccinating over half of all adults is a phenomenal achievement and is testament to the mammoth efforts of the NHS, GPs, volunteers, local authorities and civil servants in every corner of the UK.

It shows the strength of the Union and what can be achieved when we work together as one United Kingdom to protect those most at risk. But the job is not done yet.

During April, we will continue to vaccinate those most at risk and around 12 million people will receive their second doses as well. It is absolutely crucial people come forward as soon as they are eligible. When you get the call, get the jab, because the more people who are vaccinated the safer we will all be.

While we are all still expected to socially distance, wear masks and repeatedly wash our hands just to be safe, the vaccine results are so far very promising and hospitals are really emptying out, with some no longer having any Covid19 patients at all.

Great work from our Government, NHS, military and the masses of volunteers, researchers and scientists that have helped make this happen!

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