Handforth Parish Council

jackie weaver's zoom
Handforth Parish Council Spat

This week’s big political face off came not from Government but rather a small yet exciting Parish Council.

Footage of a December Zoom meeting of Handforth Parish Council was uploaded online and what followed was a crazy viral interest, with mainstream media interest, masses of tiktoks and even and Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.

While Parish Council meetings are usually rather quiet affairs, “You have no authority here Jackie Weaver!” was the line that sparked a row, which descended into madness, from a guy facing backwards, Julie’s I-pad, kicking members, hysterical laughter and even swearing.

The star of the show was the meeting clerk, Jackie Weaver, who while repeatedly being told she had no authority to hold or remove anyone from a meeting, was quite happy to boot out the trouble makers and get on with the meeting.

She now has a growing following from those looking to stamp out cyber bullies and if you want to see her yourself, you can do at the Conservative Young Women’s event on 17th February.

The rest of the meeting gets back to the usual Parish Council blarb but the first 10 minutes show excitement like we haven’t seen during lockdown!

While the spat certainly hasn’t shown any of them in a fantastic light, I’m sure it made many actually yearn for the days when face to face meetings take place again.

We look forward to Jackie and the gang on the sequel!