Improving our ‘sky motorways’

Flight paths to be re-mapped
Flight paths to be re-mapped while it is quiet

The past year has meant many planes are grounded, while some still fly and we look up to them like the guy from 28 days laterl longing for civilisaton abroad it hopefully won’t be too long before we can return to flying abroad easily for social needs, holidays, voluntary work and short trips.

We have all heard the term ‘build back better’ and the Government are keen this becomes a reality and so they have made the decision to redesign the motorwaysin the sky for the first time since the 1950s. Sound confusing? Well consider this, before the pandemic there were around 7000 aircraft flying through United Kingdom airspace, all of these needed special routes to get to their destinations but because of the sheet traffic levels and new flights being added all the time some journeys who had their routes mapped out years ago have very short journeys, where as others going the same way have much lengthier ones.

The Government want to work with the Civil Aviation Authority to re-map as many routes as possible, reducing delays, keeping pollution to a minimum and making the flight experiences shorter and more direct whereverpossible. A £5.5m fund will help support the project and it is hoped that for those living near to airports, this unusual chance to re-route thousands of flights might actually make it quieter for residents living on some flight paths.

Aviation Minister Robert Courts said:

As an island nation, our airspace is vital in keeping us connected to the rest of the world.

Modernising our ‘sky motorways’ could put an end to the days of circling the airport waiting for a landing slot, improving efficiency, and leading to flights that are quicker, quieter and greener than ever before.

It is a good plan and hopefully one which will start showing some real positives by the end of the year, until then, keep watching the skies until airtravel is no longer restricted and we can start to enjoy a more sustainable international flight system once again!

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