Integrated Review of Security

Integrated Security Review
Integrated Security Review changing how the armed forces operate

The Prime Minister announced the Integrated Review. What is this? It is a review of security, defence, development and foreign policy. It was aimed at being a fully comprehensive review (hence the ‘integrated’ bit) and builds upon the £24bn settlement announced in November.

The review had a big focus on how to continue shifting to modernise our forces across land, sea and air but also across digital networks and bringing in consideration of space. The review outlines the Prime Minister’s hopes for the United Kingdom’s armed forces up to 2030. It is the biggest review of this kind that has ever taken place

Here are some of the key points from the review:

  • There will e a £16.5b increase in defence spending over the next four years with a focus on cyber an space.
  • Britain has committed to deploying more of our Armed Forces overseas for longer periods of time for training and exercise.
  • There will be no redundancies across the Armed Forces but risk associated with mass troops will be reduced through technology, reorganisation, logistics and new weapons and vehicles.
  • The Government will build on existing friendships but look further afield to the Indio-Pacific to strike p new trade and defence deals. The Government will use the presidency of the G7 to forge new partnerships and help make the world a safer place.
  • The Government will remove the cap on the nuclear deterrent showing those who wish us harm our resolve in keeping our nation safe. They will increase over the next few years..
  • Defence investment will be driven back into our communities with more tenders, innovation and research coming from British companies in every corner of the Union.
  • Foreign, Commonwealth and Development job are set to increase as well as new National Cyber Security Force HQ.
  • The UK will remain committed to NATO and the Five Eyes security alliance. It will hold the pledge of 2% GDP on spending.
  • Efforts will be made through legislation and through increasing surveillance to tackle Russian disinformation.
  • Efforts will be made to boost relationship with China including on trade and conservation but the Government will be more assertive on practices that have an adverse effect on security.

You can read the whole of the review online at the Gov.UK website.

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