International travel begins to get mapped out

holidays abroad are getting planned thanks to Global Travel Taskforce
holidays abroad are getting planned thanks to Global Travel Taskforce

The Prime Minister announced a roadmap out of Covid19 restrictions and hidden right at the end was resuming international travel.

With leisure flights boats and trains being banned for so long, it will be great to be allowed to travel the world again. However it needs to be done safely and needs to be looking at sustainability, for both jobs and the environment.

Today Grant Shapps chaired the first meeting of a new taskforce set up to help restart international travel – the Global Taskforce. The group will look at existing measures like testing, isolation and arrivals management as well as look into new risk-based frameworks that partners abroad have considered as they re-opened their borders.

The much discussed covid-passport will also form part of the discussion and debate. While a passport for a test or vaccine does not mean the individual does not carry the virus, it does go some way to making people feel safer and secure. With so many other countries implementing Covid-19 passports, it is likely the United Kingdom may follow suit, despite them being thought to be a little over-the-top.

The taskforce will continue to meet before reporting to the Prime Minister on the 12 April. Their feedback will be used to help the Government determine how to re-start travel abroad and let us all have a holiday after one heck of a crazy year!

Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps said:

The UK’s leading vaccine rollout has created a wave of optimism and, as a result, the Global Travel Taskforce is charged with exploring safe and secure ways to restart international travel when the time is right.

By planning carefully considered steps, we will protect the excellent progress made through our vaccine and advanced testing programme, whilst ensuring we are ready to kick-start our travel sector when current travel restrictions can be lifted.

We will not only consider the progress of our world-beating domestic vaccine programme but also need to review where destination countries have got to with both vaccine and testing capabilities.

All measures agreed upon by the Government following the task force review will of course be under regular review and may have to adapt if Covid19 transmission begins to rise again.

However with vaccines and other countries cracking down on the virus it is hoped that we can all enjoy a bit of sunshine, foreign food and different cultures before the end of this summer!

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