Jeremy Hunt caught Covid AFTER his vaccine

Jeremy Hunt caught Covid19 after he got the vaccine
Jeremy Hunt caught Covid19 after he got the vaccine

This week Jeremy Hunt was quizzing the Prime Minister, not as part of PMQs but as part of the PM’s appearance in front of the liason committee to discuss Covid19 responses.

Jeremy Hunt the Chair of the Committee fired off a question about the progress of the vaccine rollout and Boris let them know that progress was on ncourse and everybody over 50 should be jabbed by the 15 April. Boris asked whether Mr Hunt had recieved a vaccination.

Jeremy Hunt replied:

I’ve had my jab yes. I still got the virus three days ater, so the immunity hadn’t set in

You can see for yourselves him confirming his bad luck below!

Jeremy Hunt Caught Covid after his jab – Video from UK Parliament

But is good to know he felt that the jab helped him manage symptoms better and he’s still fully behind the vaccine rollout! Good on him!

If you’re over 50 and have not yet had your jab, remember you do not have to wait for a GP invite, you can book your vaccination online at the NHS website. Get jabbed but be like Jeremy and donn’t forget that it will not make you immune, still sociall distance, wear a mask where you can and keep washing hands. Nobody wants his bad luck!

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