Love Island on the vaccine

Yewande Biala helps with the vaccine rollout
Yewande Biala from Love Island helps with the vaccine rollout

The Government has recruited an influencer to help with their vaccine efforts, the Irish beauty, of Love Island fame, Yewande Biala. Still looking every bit as gorgeous she’s ditched the bikini for something a little more serious.

Today she released a video with the NHS to encourage young people, particularly those from a BAME background to get a Covid19 jab when the invite comes.

Yewande was not only a hot bod on Love Island but she’s got brains – big ones, as a science graduate, she has worked in vaccine development and so putting her training to use in interviewing members of PHE, A&E doctors and others as to why the jab is so important.

Yewande Biala said:

As someone that has previously worked with vaccines, I feel like I have a responsibility to help to increase confidence and trust in communities where there has been low take-up.

It was important for me to hopefully educate people on the importance of vaccines and in particular the COVID-19 vaccine, helping to answer some questions they might have.

The video covers what’s in the jab, kills some of those conspiracy theories (micro chips included!), pregnancy, how young people are affected by Covid19 and the minimal side effects associated with the jab.

Minister for COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment Nadhim Zahawi said:

Effective vaccines will not only protect people from coronavirus, they will save thousands of lives and we want every eligible person to benefit from a free vaccination, regardless of their ethnicity or religious beliefs.

The government and the NHS are working hard to encourage people in all communities to come forward and accept the offer of a jab when it comes, and it’s great to have Yewande support these efforts to boost vaccine uptake among young people and those from minority ethnic groups.

The vaccination programme will continue to expand over the coming weeks and we remain on track to meet our target of offering the vaccine to all adults by the end of July.

Hope it encourages some to trash their vaccine hesitancy and get the jab asap. Good going Yewande!

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