More funding for Scotland’s healthcare

hospitals in Scotland to get more funding
hospitals in Scotland to get more funding

Scotland is set to benefit from a whopping £660m of new Government funding for health and social care. Matt Hancock is seeking to ensure that all corners of the Union are set to benefit from investment in healthcare both for continuation of pandemic support work and to bounce back strong afterwards.

Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock said:

Throughout this crisis we’ve protected the NHS, and made sure they have the resources they need. As a result, across the whole United Kingdom the NHS has been able to live up to its promise of treating everyone according to need not ability to pay. Those values have stood in good stead in this pandemic in very difficult times.

I’m delighted to confirm that as a result of the £7 billion extra UK Government investment announced last week, Scotland will receive £660 million, helping ensure health services in all parts of the UK can continue to tackle the impact of this pandemic. This is another example – alongside the vaccine rollout – of the UK working together for all our citizens.

The funding is on top of the additional £3.6 billion that Scotland is already receiving over the next financial year through the Barnett formula, building on the £9.7 billion of additional funding Scotland received in 2020-21.

It is also hoped that clinical research will now start taking place right across the United Kingdom to promote a shared commitment to working collaboratively and making the most of the United Kingdom’s expertise.

Scotland recently saw new walk through Covid19 testing centres open in Dumbarton, Edinburgh and Glasgow as well as the confirmation that Scottish hospitals will benefit from the forthcoming Project Gigabit broadband boosting. Ninety-one GP surgeries and community hospitals in rural parts of Scotland, including remote island services on Arran, Jura, Lewis, Mull, Shetland and Orkney will join the digital fast lane with gigabit broadband upgrades in the first rollout.

While devolved Governments remain in charge of the bulk of health policy in Scotland, these initiatives and the vaccination programme show how helpful working together can be.

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