New court platform trialled

Commons System - new court technology
the Commons Court System, speeding up the justice system.

This week the Common Platform has gone live in a number of court sites across the United Kingdom. The system makes the best use of digital technology to deliver a single, seamless source of information for those participating in a criminal case.

The system used by court staff, the Crown Prosecution Service, police and justice agencies helps to provide tailored and secure access to the information they need to help the case progress.

Should the pilots go well, the system will be fully rolled out in England and Wales to enable greater efficiency across the courts and criminal justice system. It cuts down the need for manual documents, logs who accesses the case files and when and removes the need to copy case information to multiple different bodies, a key factor in case delays. The system will also provide alerts when updates are made to the case.

A webinar for those in law to take a look

It is a great new system and we hope the pilots go well so we can see more people have easier access to justice without delays, paper work problems and of course, missing files.

This is one of many projects the Government is running to boost court capacity and help bring down the backlogs within the justice system.

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