New state opening of Parliament

The Queens Speech is expected on 11 May
The Queens Speech is expected on 11 May

They’ve had enough and have called it – the end of this Parliament session. The State Opening of Parliament has been announced for Tuesday 11 May.

This means any Bills that have not made it through their journey by then will never make it unless re-introduced and carried over by Goverment. However the great thing about a State Opening, ,apart from the pomp, ceremony and Her Majesty, is a brand new adgenda for Government.

We understand the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, Enviroment Bill and Armed Forces Bill will be carried over to the Parliament and the Government remain dedicated to ending fixed term parliaments (after the stalemate disasters during Brexit) and that focus on improving building safety and adjusting the asylum system will also continue.

It will be a strange State Opening again with fewer people but a Royal Procession is expected. Here’s looking forward to a brand new start as we all hope to build back better!

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