New Travel Rules Come Into Force

new rules for people visiting the UK
new rules for people visiting the UK

From today if you have ben to a high risk destination, an area where Covid19 transmission is high, you will need to enter the country through a designated space and have a pre-booked quarantine package to stay in one of the Government’s quarantine facilitties.

A red list of over 30 countries has required all travellers from these areas to isolate. This is in addition to the 10 day isolation and 2 mandator Covid19 tests for all travellers entering our country.

Health and Social Care Secretary, Matt Hancock, said:

As this deadly virus evolves, so must our defences. We have already taken tough action to limit the spread, protect people and save lives.

With the emergence of new variants, we must go further. The rules coming into force today will bolster the quarantine system and provide another layer of security against new variants at the border.

These new measures are important to protect our vaccination programme, which has now seen 15 million people vaccinated, we all work towards restoring normal life.

While these measures will not prevent new mutations of the virus, given that Covid19 transmission in our country is now low, with more people than ever taking up the vaccine, it now seemed like the right time to focus on risks that could be entering our country.

The Border Force and Police will carry out enforcement action against anybody not following the new rules or lying on their forms. The Government has struck deals with 16 hotels for people arriving from red-listed countries, some of the hotels very swanky indeed, so there is no need to fear quarantine.

If you’re soon to travel to the United Kingdom, whether you’re a resident or visitor, you can check on the latest rules at:

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