Over £1m for the rainforests

The Government is dishing out funding for projects in and near to rainforests
The Government is dishing out funding for projects in and near to rainforests

A lot of people write to their Members of Parliament asking what can be done to save the rainforests. Usually for the MP’s it’s not much, while they can try to have a sway with world leaders abroad, they cannot dictate what other countries do.

However they can support conservation efforts which is what the Government has done today. A new multi-million pound fund has ben launched to protect rainforests, cut emissions and build more sustainable developments (and subsequently jobs) in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The Mobilising Finance for Forests Programme will soon see £150m for businesses and investors that support and deliver sustainable land-use projects and work which protects rainforest regions. Private investment is also being attracted to the scheme with circa £850m invested so far to help support thousand so of green jobs in agriculture, forestry, conservation, carbon capture and storage sinks.

Energy Minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan said:

The impact of deforestation is devastating – on those vulnerable rainforest communities, and on global efforts to combat climate change. And the health of the earth’s tropical forests is critical to the health of our planet – we need to do all we can to protect and preserve this vital ecosystem.

Today’s new fund will ramp up investment in projects on the frontline of this effort, while also giving financial institutions the confidence they need to invest, which could attract and secure as much as £850 million from the private sector.

With concerns about foods, livelihoods and of course preserving the rainforest habitats being at an all time high, this scheme being rolled out in partnership with one in the Netherlands called the Development Finance Intuition will help scale up nature-based, sustainable solutions, tackle climate change and help the countries receiving the funds get jobs, food, education and sustainable ways of working for the future.

A great step to take before the COP26 Summit in November.

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