Danny Kruger’s lockdown puppy troubles

kruger and his lockdown do

During the lockdown when people were stuck indoors more often, many people purchased pets. Danny Kruger MP for Devzies bought himself a lockdown pup – a Jack Russell named Pebble.

On a solo walk Mr Kruger allowed his pup to chase a group of deer in Richmond Park. Worrying animals is of course a crime and so Mr Kruger is now facing the consequences.

Today he’s in court for violating the regulations governing Royal Parks, while the pup did not damage any deer physically, the shock can cause harm to roaming herds. Let’s be honest, while it may have looked cute he should have known better.

Indeed Pebble is now frequently pictured on a leash so his lesson has been learned and his highly excitable pup is also on a learning curve to stay away from wildlife. It is an interesting issue for him to go to court over, particularly when Danny Kruger is an avid campaigner against animals being used in bloodsports! Awkward…

While no custodial sentence is expected, it is highly likely Mr Kruger will face a fine. Oooops!

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