Labour MPs vs Rishi

Young Rishi Sunak as the Chancellor
Young Rishi Sunak as the Chancellor

This week’s Parliamentarian fight seems to be all around the politics of envy…

Rishi Sunak in true egotistical fashion had to get a mention in on social media about him being in his Chancellor role for one year. While the press rolled their eyes there was a bit of admiration of him showing a human and humorous side with a picture of him as child, then now!

Rishi took on the ‘how it started’ meme to share his ‘Chancellor birthday’ and while there were many congratulations and a torrent of trolls it was surprising to see some Labour MPs jumping on the good ship troll-lol-lol.

We saw Zarah Sultana MP for Coventry diving in, trying to keep her ‘Woke Warrioress’ Twitter title by engaging in the politics of envy.

Sarah Sultana bites back

And while it is certainly true that those with a silver spoon in their mouth can often find it easier to climb the greasy pole of work life, her tweet sadly made her look sour and envious.

Interestingly despite the attack on Rishi’s various jobs, Ms Sultana never reveals much about her previous work history and typical Labour working class background..

Though says plenty about being elected to the National Executive while she was in Young Labour, she said plenty during her time running for the position of West Midlands MEP before she finally won herself a seat in the Commons as MP for Coventry South in 2019.

Perhaps instead of focussing on Rishi, she should be asking how many plumb Labour Party roles do you need before you finally strike into power? Or perhaps she should recall the time she called out McDonalds for ‘poverty wages’ while paying her own staff less than the average Maccy’s worker.

While it is never good to see MPs scoring points, rather than improving policy, this particular Twitter spat, and subsequent comments provides some amusing entertainment for these dreary lockdown days.

Bring on the Jedi’s to calm them all down!

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