PCCs to be more accountable

Priti Patel to make PCCs more accountable after the forthcoming elections
Priti Patel to make PCCs more accountable after the forthcoming elections

Home Secretary Priti Patel is known for taking a hard line both on criminals and now she’s going a step further. While the Police and Crime Commissioner elections approach, Priti is redoubling her efforts to make sure the role is one accountable to the public.

Following a review of the role of PCC, she wants to ensure that every PCC explains their record on rime to the public so they can strengthen their relationship with them and with their Chief Constable. Police and Crime Commissioners hold the purse strings for local police forces, they help set the priorities and so there’s limited excuse for crime in the local area if your PCC is doing a good job. Don’t blame the coppers carrying out the work, look into the priorities set for them!

Home Secretary Priti Patel said:

Police and Crime Commissioners play a crucial role as the elected voice of the people for crime and policing, which is why I am committed to ensuring they are accountable to the communities they serve and are strong, visible leaders in the fight against crime.

These recommendations, once implemented, will strengthen and potentially extend the role of PCCs and help them deliver the safer streets that the British public deserve.

The changes proposed in the review so far including changing to a first past the post system so the public can vote out those failing to deliver, making sure PCCs provide information about their forces’ performance, ensuring a deputy PCC is appointed to ensure there is continuity in unforeseen circumstances and making changes to boost the relationships with constables.

There is also debate as to whether PCCs should take on the same role for fire services, some areas already do this while others have so far held back.

So the next 43 PCCs elected in May are likely to find themselves doing more work for that juicy pay packet!

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