PCR Claims…For real?

PCR testing
PCR testing vs PCR claims

You may have seen on TV lately that a certain lawyer is working with a new campaign group called PCR Claims. Being the in-house legal counsel for the campaign group you’d think there would be some real heavy weight behind the campaign that says PCR testing has destroyed lives.

So what’s the campaign? Well it’s calling on employees and parents to submit statements. Those statements can be ‘child was asked to wear a mask at school’, ‘I had a positive PCR with no symptoms’, ‘I lost income because of somebody else’s positive test’, ‘I as forced to self isolate for 14 days based on mine or somebody else’s positive PCR test’…..

Following this, the campaign collate the data and make contact with the relevant institutions under the name ‘Lawyers for Liberty’….But don’t panic too much if you receive a letter, the small print at the bottom confirms they are not a law firm. It goes on to confirm the letter should not be construed as legal advice, despite it’s worrying legalese style look.

But what’s this got to do with Parliament? Well look who set up the Lawyers for Liberty company… here and then take a look at this political party website and see if there are any similarities! Yep it’s that group that want an English only Parliament.

Interesting hey? What a way to build a following…. I wonder if this stunt will bring a bounce to the party in the forthcoming elections…..

We here at Swing Debates back the awkward but relatively accurate PCR testing system and would encourage anybody with symptoms to get tested (or get a community test if you’re working in the community) but certainly found this campaign to be one gaining some traction across social media.

Our thoughts? It might be good to get involved if you want to freak out you boss or headteacher!

(we’re not to blame if you’re this daft!)

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