Prison kitchen training scheme set to expand

The Clink is expanding its prisoner training programmes
the clink training programme will expand in up to 70 more prisons bringing skills and training to offenders

A key reason people reoffend after leaving prison is because they cannot find work and struggle to reintegrate in society. In the past few years the Government has been driving home the need for prisoners to leave with skills for work and safe accommodation to help them begin their journey back into citizen life.

For years the Clink Charity is taking prisoners away from ‘Porridge’. It has ran a fabulous restaurant experience for many years. When we’re not in Covid19 restrictions, you can even go have your dinner at a prison in Brixton and bring friends! It’s not prison food either, rather delicious, high-end meals created by prisoners training to become chefs.

You’ll be waited on by prisoners learning customer service and hospitality skills and the fresh food gardening, cleaning and marketing is also carried out by prisoners looking to upskill before they leave prison.

The Clink has now come to an agreement with Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service to extend their training programme to an additional 70 prison kitchens. It is hoped these opportunities will help many more people secure employment, move into self employment and avoid a life of crime for good.

Prisons Minister Lucy Frazer MP, said:

This expansion of the catering programme is testament to the thousands of training and job opportunities it has provided for offenders over the years.

Cutting reoffending and its vast cost to society is a priority for this government. Training within prison leads to employment on release, which we know has such a positive impact on ex-offenders, their families and communities, and ultimately reduces crime.

During training prisoners work towards qualifications as well as boosting their confidence, people skills and team working. The scheme will also help boost access to safe accommodation.

The partnership with the Clink Charity is one of many Government schemes aimed at supporting offenders into work with the ultimate aim of cutting down crime. Most of the prisoners on the scheme move into jobs at hotels, bars, restaurants and even set up to work for themselves.

For more information on the Clink Charity and the restaurant projectsin Brixton, Cardiff, High Down, Styal and Manchester check out the website below.

While you cannot yet book in, you can head to the shop and enjoy some of the jams, sauces and preserves made by the prisoners.

And for those MP and Lord spotters….Yes you will see MPs munching at the Clink Brixton from time to time! It is often a bit of a special night out experience for birthdays, team anniversaries and other events.

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