Project Gigabit – broadband boost

Project Gigabit rolling out to rural areas
Project Gigabit rolling out to rural areas

If you dont have high speed internet already in the United Kingdom, chances are you live rurally and every time you try you get knocked back due to your location being further away from an exchange or fibre cabinet.

The Government have now launched a new scheme putting £5bn into infrastructure to make broadband faster in those hard to reach areas. Under Project Gigabit, over 500,000 homes and businesses in Tees Valley, South Tyneside, Northumberland, Essex, Durham, Dorset, Cumbria, Cornwall and Cambridgeshire will be the first to benefit.

Should the project go well, they’ll recieve broadband speeds of more than 1000MB per second, meaning no more rationing the internet and you can finally make use of your Netflix and DisneyPlus. In June the Government hopes to roll out the project further to Norfolk, Shropshire, Suffolk, Worcestershire, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

This is one of the first ways the Government is getting back on track and starting their levelling up. On top of this project a further £110m will be made available to help connect public sector buildings including healthcare sites, libraries and schools.

Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden said:

Project Gigabit is our national mission to plug in and power up every corner of the UK and get us gigafit for the future.

We have already made rapid progress, with almost 40 percent of homes and businesses now able to access next-generation gigabit speeds, compared to just 9 percent in 2019. Now we are setting out our plans to invest £5 billion in remote and rural areas so that no one is left behind by the connectivity revolution.

That means no more battling over the bandwidth, more freedom to live and work anywhere in the country, and tens of thousands of new jobs created as we deliver a game-changing infrastructure upgrade.

Later this year it is hoped even more homes can get on the scheme for speedy broadband. In the meantime the projects already in place to deliver broadband in scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and superfast projects with local authorities across the country will still continue. For those stll stuggling to access any scheme, the Government is holding a consultation – so send in your details. With some luck we may soon be a nation of internet native families, never having to wait for a webpage to load, film to buffer or download to finish….Wooohoooo!

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