Protecting public places from terrorism

anti terrorism barriers in public spaces as part of a new protect duty
anti terrorism barriers in public spaces as part of a new protect duty

Today the Government set out new proposals on new protect duty, a brand new legal requirement for public places to ensure that they are prepared for and protected (where possible) from terrorist attacks.

This new duty is intended to deliver on the Conservative manifesto to improve the safety and security of public venues drawing on lessons learned in previous terrorism incidents like the Manchester Arena attack and the tube bombings.

The Home Office has been working closely with victims and the family of victims as well as planning, security and civil contingency experts to do all we can to boost safety across large public buildings.

Home Secretary Priti Patel said:

I have heard first hand from those who have sadly lost loved ones in horrific terror attacks, and thank them for their tireless work to ensure others do not share their tragedy.

This Government has already taken significant steps to amend our powers and strengthen the tools for dealing with the developing terrorist threats we face, and we will always take the strongest possible action to protect our national security.

That is why we want all organisations responsible for public venues and spaces to put public safety and security first.

There will be an 18 week consultation and the Government want venue owners in particular to consider responding and adding to best practice schemes.

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