Rayner’s Airpods

Angela Rayner's two pairs of personalised air pods for 'work'
Angela Rayner's two pairs of personalised air pods for 'work'

While there had been discussion over Angela Rayner claiming for air pods on expenses, when every other MP has been ordering a standard headset provided by Banner or ICT, her latest expenses publication did not only reveal one pair of PERSONALISED air pod pros but TWO. Each one cost a paltry £249 a pair.

As well as a wealth of other Apple accessories…

When questioned on morning TV as to why she purchased them whilst chastising the Government for wasted money, she let us know she uses them for four hours a day on her zoom calls.

However you can see from parliamentary contributions and public zooms (Youtube) she never appears to wear them. Maybe the 4 hours a day she uses them for zoom are for staff only?

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