Renters get extended protection

renting support extended
renting support extended

We are all still in lockdown and for some that means low pay or no job at all, the Government had put in place some measures to help renters but they were due to run out.

Thankfully today Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick added an extension on the ban on bailiff evictions for a further six weeks with a regular review.

This means for those who have struggled to pay rent or who will be evicted when restrictions end they have longer to pay their debts or look for new properties before formal eviction procedures begin.

Exemptions remain in place for the most serious circumstances like squatting anti social behaviour or full rent arrears for more than 6 months. All landlords continue to have to give 6 month notice periods to their tenants before starting any possession proceedings.

Local authorities across the country have also been issued with more funds to help those who are falling into rent arrears through their discretionary support schemes.

Robert Jenrick MP said:

We have taken unprecedented action to support renters during the pandemic including introducing a six-month notice period and financial support to help those struggling to pay their rent.

By extending the ban on the enforcement of evictions by bailiffs, in all but the most serious cases, we are ensuring renters remain protected during this difficult time.

Our measures strike the right balance between protecting tenants and enabling landlords to exercise their right to justice.

In addition to this a free mediation pilot has been launched to help tenants and landlords sort problems before the need of formal eviction. While landlords are taking the hit so far, the Government seem to have ears open to what can be done to support those where no rent has been paid. Keep your ears to the ground to hear more about this soon.

What a caring valentines gift from Mr Jenrick!

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