Research into ‘Long Covid’ is funded

coughing long after testing negative for Covid19
coughing long after testing negative for Covid19

For some people Covid19 is a two-week long cough, not even as bad as the flu, for other’s it’s life threatening, painful and lasts many, months.

People who are experiencing the longer-term effects are soon to benefit from the £18.5m to fund research projects to better understand why symptoms persist in some people and how to go about treating them.

The funding will focus on 4 key studies to identify the causes and effective therapies. Research has so far shown there are 55 long-term effects ranging from breathlessness and cognitive impairment to permanent organ damage. Symptoms persist long after the patient has tested negative for the virus.

Around 1-10 people sadly have these symptoms for longer than 12 weeks which is why the research is so important.

Health and Social Care Secretary, Matt Hancock said:

I am acutely aware of the lasting and debilitating impact long COVID can have on people of all ages, irrespective of the extent of the initial symptoms.

Fatigue, headaches and breathlessness can affect people for months after their COVID-19 infection regardless of whether they required hospital admission initially.

In order to effectively help these individuals we need to better understand long COVID and identify therapeutics that can help recovery. This funding will kick-start 4 ambitious projects to do just that.

NHS England has also launched some new and specialist long-Covid clinics across the country to provide assessments and support for people as well as to help with the research (if patients want to participate!) this is in addition to the GP work which is being done on an individual basis.

For more information on long Covid visit the site below or contact your GP for advice.

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