Review on red tape for research

Reducing bureaucracy in British research
Reducing bureaucracy in British research

Science Minister Amanda Solloway has launched an independent review into research bureaucracy. It is aimed at increasing research across the United Kingdom by reducing admin demands, identifying practical solutions to issues like fundraising, grant applications, getting safeguarding right, boosting data protection and demonstrating clear value for money.

Amanda Solloway, Minister for Science, Research and Innovation, said:

The UK is home to some of the world’s leading scientists and researchers and their response over the past year to the coronavirus pandemic has shone a light on the vital need for them to be able to carry out their ground-breaking work at pace. Their discoveries have created much needed medical treatments and vaccines which are saving lives across the world.

As we build back better by unleashing innovation, it’s crucial that we create a research environment that harnesses this same scientific speed and endeavour. This review will identify how we can free up our brightest minds from unnecessary red tape so they can continue making cutting edge discoveries, while cementing UK’s status as a science superpower.

The review will be led by Professor Adam Tickell the Vice Chancellor of the University of Sussex and is set to conclude by early 2022 with initial findings produced by autumn of this year. It is hoped the research industry can build upon interest and momentum following the pandemic and build back better for the future.

The outcomes will also increase the attractiveness of our university sector as key partners in future global collaboration, helping the country deliver more quality research that can make a real impact on policy and creating meaningful change.

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