Roadmap update from the PM

update on coronavirus froom downing street
update on coronavirus froom downing street

The Prime Minister has just released an update to the House on his basic plan for reopening the United Kingdom following the Covid19 pandemic.

Obviously the plans will be subject monitoring in the hope that the virus does not spread rapidly again. More updates will be provided at the press conference this evening but now that the groups at highest risk are getting their vaccines, the restrictions are being lifted.

Key dates scheduled so far:

8 March – Schools to reopen and further education settings can return to face to face teaching. Twice weekly tsting for secondary schools and college pupils.

Breakfast clubs, afterschool clubs and children’s sporting clubs can also return.

University students who need practical teaching, specialist facilities and onsite assessments can return to university.

All other uni students to continue learning online with a hopeful return at the end of the Easter holidays.

Everyone can meet ONE other person from outside their household for outdoor recreation – picnics, bench coffees, play n addition to exercise.

Shielding people – advised stay shielding until the end of March

End of March – care homes to reopen to single visitors with PPE without plexiglass or meeting outdoors.

Easter Hols – Rule of Six to return for outdoor meeting, including in private gardens. Allows two houeholds to meet and outdoor sports courts and swimming pools to open.

People no longer required to stay at home but should continue to work from home where they can with minimal travel.

Work on campaigning so the elections can take place with better contact from candidates.

12 April – non essential retail to reopen, including hair and nail salons.

Gyms and fitness facilities to reopen

Zoos, theme parks, drive in cinemas can reopen

Pubic libraries and community centres can repen.

Holiday Lets can reopen for individuals and houseold groups

Pubs and restaurants can open their outdoor spaces, no curfews or meals required.

17 May – Two households, up to the rule of size can meet INDOORS.

Outdoor restrictions to be lifted, groups of up to 30 can met outdoors.

Pubs and restaurants to open for indoor sales

Cinemas and soft-play areas to reopen.

Hotels, hostels and B&B can reopen

Thetres and concert halls can reopen

Sports stadiums can begin inviting crowds back

21 June – restrictions on social contact removed entirely

weddings and other life events can resume without liits

Nightclubs can reopen

Large events can begin running again.

After this international travel will also be reviewed.


Keep an eye on for the latest updates.

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