SME Fund for trading with Europe

exports to europe to be supported
exports to europe to be supported

Let’s face it, while Brexit was relatively smooth, it has not been without it’s frustrations, particularly for those who import from and export to Euro Member States. From big couriers like La Poste no longer taking on work to Britain to tonnes of new forms for single items (of different colours!), to the changes of rules of adoption and VAT, it has been tricky for the businesses which trade with Europe to adapt.

While many teething issues have been resolved, some businesses, particularly small ones are finding themselves out of pocket so the Government has today introduced grants of up to £2000 to help businesses adapt to the new rules when trading with the EU.

Following the news, Katherine Green and Sophie Dean, Directors General, Borders and Trade, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), said:

We recognise that changes to customs rules have been challenging for small and micro businesses, and this is why we are encouraging business owners to apply for support through the SME Brexit Support Fund.

We do not take for granted that the UK’s small businesses – from designers creating bespoke handmade pieces from their kitchen tables, to those selling sweet treats – are vital to the growth and prosperity of our economy, so we look forward to supporting them with practical help to do business with our European partners, on top of a wide range of support available from the government.

This is on top of the seafood support, the NI Trader Support Service, webinars, the Brexit checked tool weekly taskforce meetings and a dedicated HMRC imports and exports helpline (0300 322 9434)

Fore more information or to apply for the funding, click here.

Here’s hoping they get it together before fruit picking season!

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