Space Bridge with the Aussies? Howzat!

amanda solloway signs space bridge agreement with australia
amanda solloway signs space bridge agreement with australia

Today the UK Science Minister announced the world’s first ‘Space Bridge’ is to be implemented.

What the heck is a space bridge? Well in Amanda Solloway’s view it is a bilateral collaboration to unlock access to trade, investment, academic research opportunities, business and innovation. Our first space bridge will be with our close allies, Australia.

While you may not hear much about Australia and space, the country has worked with us on space projects for many years beginning back in the 1970s when the British Prospero satellite was launched into space in Woomera, Australia.

UK Science Minister Amanda Solloway said: 

The signing of today’s Space Bridge partnership, a world’s first, with one of our closet international allies, is another step forward in our ambition for the UK to become a globally-competitive space power.

The bond will allow our most innovative space businesses and universities to collaborate and share best practice more effectively than ever. I’m excited to see how this partnership will unlock new space jobs in both countries while driving forward new ideas that could enrich all of our lives.

It is clear that Australia recognises the enormous potential of space and that partnership can boost progress, this is in addition to the free trade agreement talks going on in the background.

It is hoped this new space bridge will help launch our space technology into the next phase of growth, creating thousands of jobs and further strengthening the bond between our two countries.

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