Support scheme for moving food to NI

minced meat can still be sold separately in Northern Ireland despite Brexit
minced meat can still be sold separately in Northern Ireland despite Brexit

Shops, couriers and traders moving organic products to Northern Ireland are now eligible for support following the expansion of a scheme designed to ease the flow of food and other agri goods from Great Britain.

Since 1 January 2021, there have been new requirements for inspection and certification when moving agri-food and similar goods from Great Britain to Northern Ireland. All goods need special certificates.

The Movement Assistance Scheme created by DEFRA means traders do not need to pay certain certification costs for moving agri-food goods, with the costs incurred by those certifying the products being reimbursed by government up to a set amount.

Farming, Fisheries and Food Minister Victoria Prentis said:

We want to ensure that people in Northern Ireland can continue to enjoy a wide range of organic products and that the process of getting these goods to them is as smooth as possible for traders.

Including the cost of certification for organic agri-food goods in the Movement Assistance Scheme minimises the impact of the new requirements for traders and means there will still be a variety of choice for consumers.

This should help food and goods like soil continue to flow to Northern Ireland without disruption while the Government continues to work with the EU on arranging an easier way to ensure trade continues in a safe, yet frictionless way.

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