Supporting military personnel with visas

Visas for non-UK military personnel being considered
Visas for non-UK military personnel being considered

Defence is often a global matter and the United Kingdom often works very closely with service personnel from non-UK from interpreters to Gurkha’s and shipping specialists these staff often play a key role in military operations abroad.

The Home Secretary is now considering offering indefinite leave to remain in the United Kingdom for free to service personnel from non-UK nations, saving them the £2390 application for a visa. The consultation is looking those who have served 12 years (the initial engagement period) and it could see military staff from countries like South Africa, Nepal, Ghana, Canada as well as our commonwealth buddies considering a move here when their military service ends.

Priti Patel, Home Secretary said:

I am immensely proud that brave servicemen and women from around the world want to continue to call the UK their home after their service.

It is only right that those who continue to do extraordinary work on behalf of our country are recognised and rewarded, and I am determined to support them settle in our wonderful communities right across the UK.

Although Ms Patel is often viewed by the public and media as being anti-immigration, this shows that she is not but is seeking to ensure people are coming to the UK for the right reasons.

If you want to have your say on the consultation you can do so by clicking this link. The consultation will run for six weeks.

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