Temporary job centres to help us get back to work

kickstart scheme is backed by therese coffey
Kickstart Scheme is backed by Therese Coffey

After so many years of unemployment being reduced the pandemic was a real kick in the nuts to the Government. However they are keen to get the numbers back down to below 5% as we move back to nomality.

The DWP will be setting up 80 new temporary jobcentres all around the country, to build upon the 639 already in place. The aim is to help support people back into work and a further 13,500 new work coaches are also being recruited.

Minister for Employment, Mims Davies said:

With more new, temporary jobcentres in place in the heart of our communities, we can support even more people impacted by the pandemic to find work and progress into new roles.

We’ve already boosted our DWP Work Coaches by 10,000 – and with these new local jobcentres to operate from, we can drive forward our Plan for Jobs, creating fresh opportunity for people all across the country.

In addition to making Jobcentres easy to access, running schemes like the Kickstart Scheme and Sector Based Work Academies as well as intensive work with local enterprise groups and chambers of commerce, it is hoped that those made unemployed because of the pandemic will not have to look hard to find new roles.

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