The Turing Scheme opens for students

Turing Scheme Launches
Turing Scheme Launches

Secondary schools, colleges and universities can now apply for funding to help students work and study abroad under the new Turing Scheme.

The scheme which replaced the Erasmus+ scheme, a scheme which helped students study in Europe is much wider, allowing students to travel the globe in educational OR work exchanges.

The scheme aimed at boosting social mobility targets students from disadvantaged backgrounds and areas which did not previously benefit from Erasmus+ (which was often for the ‘gap yah’ types who could easily afford a trip abroad). The scheme will work alongside the British Council and Eorys in this regard.

Students will receive up to £490 per month, alongside travel funding and assistance with visa and insurance funding.

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson said:

The Turing Scheme is a truly global programme with every country in the world eligible to partner with UK universities, schools and colleges.

It is also levelling up in action, as the scheme seeks to help students of all income groups from across the country experience fantastic education opportunities in any country they choose.

For any schools or training centres, universities or others wanting to participate in the project you can visit the new site for the scheme –

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