Thieves to be tagged after prison

ankle tags for prolific burglars coming soon
ankle tags for prolific burglars coming soon

Stepping up the toughness on crime, the Home Office and MoJ are at it again. It is clear that many who carry out thefts and burglary do reoffend and as with any burglary, once you have picked up a few tips from professionals, you can do it that much better – bringing extra challenges for police.

There has also been a rotating door of prolific offenders with some high street shops no longer bothering to prosecute offenders because they’ll be back soon after for more thefts. The Government’s plan aims to change this by tagging those convicted of theft or burglary with a GPS tag for up to 12 months after their release.

Not only will this help police keep an eye on ex-offenders but if thefts do occur with them in the vicinity, the matter can quickly be addressed with a return to prison before any further crimes take place. It is hoped the tags will be a deterrent to would-be career criminals and the move will be coupled with extra support and supervision for those leaving prison and looking to turn over a new leaf as a law abiding citizen.

Minister for Crime and Policing, Kit Malthouse MP said:

Being burgled or robbed is devastating and I understand how frustrating it is when the perpetrators can’t be caught, both for the public and the police.

Tagging these prolific offenders so we know where they are 24 hours a day should be powerful persuasion to change their ways and will help police find and charge them if they don’t. It’s another tool helping probation staff to cut crime and keep the public safe.

For now the scheme will be piloted in six areas, expanding to all 43 policing areas if it goes well. Another scheme on sobriety is also being piloted in Wales, to ensure offenders on license who omit alcohol-fuelled crims can be banned from drinking, the tags monitor an offender’s sweat every 30 minutes, those not complying with alcohol abstinence heading back to court.

The police and prisons are finally beginning to embrace technology but do they have the resources to really make it work for them? We are eager to find out as the pilot programmes progress!

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