Trade partnership signed with Ghana

ghanaian coconuts available for trade with the UK as a new trade deal is struck
ghanaian coconuts available for trade with the UK as a new trade deal is struck

Liz Truss and team have done it again, the United Kindom has signed a trade partnership with Ghana that secures tariff-free trade and provides a platform for grater economic and cultural cooperation between the nations.

The deal supports a whopping £1.2bil of trade and reinstates a previous economic partnership agreement with Ghana. Some of the big imports we will receive include bananas, cocoa and tinned tuna, while our large exports to the country are likely to be in machinery, electronics and chemical products.

International Trade Secretary Truss said:

“I am delighted to be able to sign this deal with our friends and partners in Ghana. It provides certainty for businesses that provide vital jobs and livelihoods in Ghana, and it strengthens the ties between our two countries. We can now look forward to deepening and furthering our relationship in future, and working together to secure a broader agreement with the West Africa Region.”

Minister for International Trade Ranil Jayawardena said:

“This deal secures tariff-free access for products that British shoppers love – and supports jobs in Ghana – paving the way for further economic growth as we build back better from Covid-19. It is further evidence of the UK’s determination to champion free trade around the world, which fosters growth, creates jobs and raises living standards for all.”

The closure of this deal now means that DIT has organised trade agreements with 65 non-EU countries representing over £217 billion of trade with more to come.

The Department for International Trade continue to work hard to secure deals with our partners abroad, open up new opportunities for British business and build upon our services industry in the wider world. We wish them good luck with their globe trotting!

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