Trees for all

boosting biodiversity across the united kingdom
boosting biodiversity across the united kingdom

The Department for Food and Rural Affairs has introduced the Local Authority Treesccapes Fund (LATF) in order to increase the levels of tree planting across our communities.

This year £2.7m will be available for tree planting projects as part of the Government’s National Nature for Climate work. They hope that more trees will be planted along streets, near riverbanks and hedgerow areas to boot biodiversity and help connect habitats.

It is all part of us building back greener post-pandemic. Now the application for support can only be made by local authorities but there is no harm in asking your local authority whether they have applied and where they hope to plant more trees in the area. It is hoped some of this planting will be especially helpful in areas where standing traffic and factories affect the air quality, where rivers flood and where small patches of waste land are under utilised.

You can find more info here

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