Union Jack on every Government building

The Union Flag can be flown from all Government buildings every day
The Union Flag can be flown from all Government buildings every day

Following Robert Jenrick’s flag fiasco on BBC last week the Government have moved swiftly to change guidance on flags and promote more patriotism in our country.

New guidance today has asked for the Union Flag to be flown all year around unless another flag is being flown. Previously Government buildings were only expected to fly a flag on national holidays.

It is hoped that the change in policy will boost civic pride, raise morale and help more learn about history.

The Union Flag is the national flag of the United Kingdom, it embodies the emblems of all the nations of the United Kingdom in one place. The flag dates back to 1606 with the Cross of St Patrick added in 1801.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said:

The Union flag unites us as a nation and people rightly expect it to be flown above UK Government buildings. This guidance will ensure that happens every day, unless another flag is being flown, as a proud reminder of our history and the ties that bind us.

On top of this policy change guidance has also been adapted around flying more than one flag. Dual flagging, whereby two flags share one pole is now acceptable. It is hoped that local authorities will fly flags related to regional identity, for bodies like the NHS or for special events like Armed Forces Day.

While we do not expect the flag love to catch on quite as strongly as America, do expect to see more flags flying near you soon.

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