Unlimited fines for fire safety regulation breaches

Fire Safety improved for all buildings especially high rise flats
Fire Safety improved for all buildings especially high rise flats

The Government is still getting a beating over Grenfell, while improvement have been made to building safety it has been too slow. Today they rolled out an incentive for people to get their buildings up to a good standard as soon as possible.

Limitless fines will soon be handed out to anybody caught obstructing or impersonating a fire inspector as well as those who breach fire safety regulations under the Fire Safety Order. For every new building fire risk assessments will be recorded for each building and fire safety information will be handed over throughout the lifetime of a building. All new flats above 11m tall will have to add a premises information box so all can see the relevant fire safety information which will be improved upon and updated.

These new changes will com into force under the Building Safety Bill.

Fire Minister Lord Greenhalgh said:

Everyone should be safe in the buildings where they live, stay or work.

Our new measures will improve fire safety and help save lives, but will also take firm action against those who fail in their duty to keep people safe.

Our incredible Fire and Rescue Services have played a crucial role in our response to the pandemic, from assisting at vaccination centres to driving ambulances. That is why we are giving them this cash boost, so they can continue their life-saving efforts.

The Government will also launch another consultation on evacuation plans in emergencies to help further improve upon safety of high rise buildings.

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