We’re back!

queens speech

Apologies for the lack of updates – it has been a rather busy election season but plenty is set to take place this week as the Queen’s Speech is taking place on Tuesday.

What to expect?

Some Bills to be carried over like the Environment Bill which sets legally binding targets on the environment. The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill to keep serious offenders in prison for longer.

Other Bills expected include one on planning (to boost builds and home ownership), capping the number of postal votes that can be handed in by a single individual, repealing the fixed term parliament act and boosting building safety further,

The speech may also include some of the bills expected pre-pandemic but not introduced in the last session, like changes to employment rights, boosting skills with a ‘lifetime guarantee’, animal sentience and social care reviews.

Given the drama in the past few weeks we are also expecting an announcement on veterans in NI (who were not covered in the Overseas Operations act because NI is in the UK) and of course tightening up the asylum system now we have left the EU.

Tomorrow will be an unusual Queen’s Speech again – less pomp and ceremony due to Covid19 restrictions and safety but the fully-vaccinated Queen will be there and working, despite still being in mourning for the recent loss of her husband.

We hope it all goes smoothly! Looking forward to the snaps of Kier and Boris together.

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