For the Many Podcast

For the Many Podcast - political podcast
For the Many Podcast

I hovered over this one before clicking, was I about to delve into the world of Jeremy Corbyn’s Momentum….The image didn’t quite look the part so with some intrigue I clicked…

The For the Many Podcast brings together centre-right LBC radio host and commentator Iain Dale and the former Labour Home Secretary now Hospital Trust Chairwoman, Jacqui Smith. It is a light-hearted delve into the the last week of politics and what it coming next week.

Laughs a plenty, smidges of gossip and plenty of camp, Strictly Come Dancing flair make this one a regular listen. It is certainly not always a safe for work podcast with titles including ‘Leaving dirty underpants in the kremlin’, ‘Page three boy speaks!’ and ‘One night in Bangkok’ but it brings the banter, jokes and anecdotes from politicos that a slightly older listener (sorry Gen Z!) are likely to love.

The show usually runs for between an hour to one hour thirty, sharing the news highlights of the week, explaining those confusing words and parliamentary procedures you’re hearing about and mixing it all up famous guest interviews, opinions, analysis and risqué jokes.

They’re a well-balanced, unique duo not to be missed!

So next lengthy commute, stick it on, tell us what you think.

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