New Statesman Podcast

the New Statesman Podcast
the New Statesman Podcast

The New Statesman…Many of you know about the mag but do you know about the podcast? With episodes three times a week, Stephen Bush Anoosh Chakelian and Ailbhe Rea bring you half an hour or analysis, interviews and discussion on the big issues in Parliament each week.

Just as like the Statesman Magazine, this podcast is clearly centre-left and I have no doubt will have a few Tories grumbling but the podcast does try to focus on all of the political parties.

For people listening to the podcast there’s a few ads but if you’re a Statesman Magazine subscriber you can listen ad-free.

Each epside follows a specicfic topic ranging from Universal Credit to Cladding on buildings Brexit and Levelling Down. This it is an easy podcast to stick on when you have a spare half hour, without needing tonnes of background information or listened to others in the series.

I like to dip in and out of this one personally, but if you love a deep dive into a specific topic, exclusives with politicians and a little political argument from time to time, this might be a good starting point. I know the New Statesman is a big hit with some of my Labour leaning friends as it provides controversial topics in an easy to understand light.

So take a listen! The New Statesman Podcast