Tim Farron’s – It’s a mucky business

The legend that is Tim Farron has started a podcast! Entitled ‘It’s a mucky business’ Mr Farron gets to grips with politics from a Christian point of view.

Interviewing Christian peers, MPs and other prominent voices the podcast is a little different to the usual political podcasts but worth a listen. While there is some prayer involved (we warned you!) it’s a generally upbeat affair, delving into the big issues, the tricky topics and where faith and politics don’t always see eye to eye.

Tim also takes on listener questions – you can even send yours in. Wholesome and interesting these half-hour long podcasts are worth a peruse, if only to broaden your own opinions on religion in politics.

As for the muck…Sorry not so much! While Tim acknowledges that there’s plenty of sin in politics, the podcast itself is very clean, very positive and Christian through and through.

But it is interesting to hear how the politicos he interviews are doing all they can to make the United Kingdom a better place.

From well known religious politicians like Jim Shannon and Fiona Bruce to lesser known faces doing what they can to follow a Christian lifestyle while in politics like Ian Blackford, Stephen Timms and Danny Kruger, it is a real mixed bag looking at why Christians should take an interest in issues from football and foreign affairs to abortion and election campaigning.

If you can handle a little prayer (who knows you may enjoy it!) take a listen and let us know what you think!

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