Reporting an issue

We know how much work goes in to penetration testing! To avoid frustration, you can check out these common non-vulnerabilities that don’t qualify for rewards.

However if you have found a valid issue and want to help us out then fantastic! Please include:

  • A brief summary of the problem
  • A severity rating of 1 – 5 (1 being low level, 5 being most severe eg. you can hijack, impersonate or access accounts or data)
  • A detailed breakdown of how to replicate the issue
  • The operating system name and version as well as the web browsers name and version that you used to replicate the issue(s)
  • Any ideas you have on how we can boost our security levels further.

Please email any issue you’d like to report to

We always want to get things fixed but our primary role is not tech support, so your help is much appreciated.

Rewards for helping!

We are eternally grateful for all of those who put in hard work to identify weaknesses within Swing Debates and we like to reward those who responsibly disclose vulnerabilities with an acknowledgement, swag or depending on the issue, even a little bounty money because we appreciate the hard work that goes into both finding and disclosing security flaws and helping sites like ours sort a fix.