Event by Respublica independent think tank

Respublica Green Energy for Clean Growth

What more the Government should do to foster green energy? How critical it is to the whole economy, especially post-Covid?
What role can Renewable Energy projects play in the levelling-up agenda and how can new technologies help deliver wider societal and economic benefits? How does the energy system evolve and what can we learn from different countries that are preparing for their transition towards Renewables? What are the current regulatory challenges in the UK, especially in order to expand flexibility along with Renewables? [Read more]…

justice back in action as Nightingale Courts are set up

Temporary Court Rooms Introduced

The Ministry of Justice is setting up temporary courts to help reduce the backlog caused by Covid19. New courts are being set up in empty venues across the country, helping hotels, event spaces and hall sites earn an income while bringing access to justice for those who had to wait. [Read more]…

astronauts wanted for UK space missions

British astronauts wanted!

Ever wanted to go where no man or woman has gone before? Great because the Government want new astronauts for missions across the universe! Partnering with the UK Space Agency and the European Space Agency, astronaut wannabes are encouraged to apply! [Read more]…